phil wyckoff

chief insight & Strategy officer / founder


Phil Wyckoff is a forward-thinking marketing professional with a track record of uncovering insights that create impactful marketing strategies for his clients.  Phil's unique combination of over 25 years of agency and client-side experience enables him to design and execute world-class consumer research that is laser-focused on addressing critical business issues while building deep relationships with his clients' cross-functional teams.

Phil is an expert at research project management, research design, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and he is a skilled moderator.  Phil is passionate about innovation and brand communications, with particular interest in semiotics and its commercial applications to drive competitive advantage.

As a qualitative research consultant, clients depend on Phil's ability to relate to research participants and create an open atmosphere where they feel comfortable sharing attitudes, behaviors, usage patterns and values.  Clients credit Phil for approaching projects through a business lens, recognizing that the results will drive important business decision-making.  At the same time, Phil is appreciated for his ability to bring consumers and culture to life, facilitate engaging discussions and deliver actionable insights in easy-to-understand, story-driven analyses that are visually engaging and memorable.

Phil holds an M.B.A. from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and a B.S. in Business from Miami University.


We provide global qualitative research coverage by leveraging our skilled network of project managers, recruiters and moderators all over the world.  With recent projects completed in China, Romania and Poland, we can help you successfully navigate your international qualitative research initiatives.  


We also leverage our strategic partnerships to offer cutting-edge methods and insights in the areas of semiotics and facial coding.

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We have been working closely with Space Doctors since 2009 to bring a powerful fusion of consumer and cultural insight to our clients, leveraging our expertise in consumer insight generation and Space Doctors' expertise in semiotics.


We partner with Sensory Logic, a leading facial coding provider, to add an extra layer of consumer insight in the areas of understanding how deeply consumers engage and emotionally connect with branded communications, including brand positionings, advertising campaigns, packaging and more.